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At the start of the 21st century, man is facing unprecedented ecological challenges: climate change, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, degradation of freshwater reserves, irreversible pollution ... The impact of man on nature has never been so problematic. If the 7 billion human beings on our Earth had a standard of living similar to that of the French, we would need three planets to meet our needs.

At l'Autre Rives , as a society and as citizens, we want to make our contribution, modest but very real, to the protection of our planet. It is by taking care of the little things together that we will get there.

We offer you some ecological gestures to adopt on a daily basis to preserve the environment and live within the limits of our Earth's capacities.


Our contribution / your contribution

  • We have changed the maximum of filament bulbs by LED bulbs. But this has not been possible everywhere. Also remember to turn off the lights when you leave your room or when you are the last to leave the common areas.
  • We have installed a double blackout system: curtains and shutters. In winter Remember to close the shutters at night to keep the heat inside and close the shutters during the day in summer to keep our interior cool.
  • We have installed air conditioning in all bedrooms for your comfort as we know that summers can be very hot in our region. Concession made to our ecological conscience… But for all that, by using the air conditioning in a reasoned way, you can help us to limit its environmental impact. To do this, avoid air conditioning as much as possible. When you turn it on, close the windows and turn it off when you leave the room.
  • To sleep well, do not overheat the bedrooms. Don't hesitate to ask me for additional coverage.
  • If you use the towel dryers, remember to turn them off when the towels are dry or when you leave the bathroom.


Water is arguably the most precious resource we have along with air.

Unfortunately, we tend to waste it.

Our contribution:

  • We have installed a loopback system. Thanks to the latter, you have hot water immediately and do not have to let the water run to obtain water at the right temperature.
  • The garden is watered with well water.
  • We have favored tree species that require little water.

Help us by:

  • Do not let the water run unnecessarily, for example by turning off the water while you brush your teeth.

Every minute that the water flows freely, 15 liters of drinking water go down the drain.

  • By favoring showers over baths.
  • By wisely using the toilet with a dual flush . All our toilets are fitted with a dual-flush tank (6 liters for large drains / 3 liters for small ones).

Figures to help you realize: a family of 4 consumes only 96 liters per day - instead of 216 for a 9-liter tank - or a saving of 45 m³ per year.

  • By only putting towels to wash when they are dirty . If they are only wet, dry them.


No compost yet at L'Autre Rives but we sort !!! 3 types of waste: glass, paper / cardboard and other waste. Paper, cardboard and glass in the bedroom bin next to the desk, other waste in the bathroom bin.

  • We do not buy mineral water to limit plastic waste . Tap water is drinkable and is of good taste quality in Albi. We provide you with decanters in the rooms.

We are also fighting against food waste :

  • At the start of breakfast, focus on small portions and don't hesitate to serve yourself up if you like.
  • Let me know the day before if you don't want bread or pastries

We favor organic, local, artisanal and seasonal foods with high taste quality. Help us not to waste them.


Our commitment: we use Ecocert maintenance products as much as possible with low impact on the environment (detergent, white vinegar, white clay, etc.). With adaptations in times of Coronavirus ...

Thanks for your help !

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