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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.

The swimming pool

The swimming pool

The swimming pool of our guest house is salt, so it does not sting the eyes !! No more swimming goggles and diving masks. And the icing on the cake, the coating in high density concrete with the softness of a peach skin, a real treat. And if you want to take the experience even further, you can lounge on a large shallow place provided for this purpose or have yourself massaged by the hydro-massage jets and 2 blades of water.

For obvious safety reasons, minors cannot bathe without their parents being present . The swimming pool is equipped with an alarm that we activate every evening and that we deactivate when swimming during the day.

The supervision of children is the sole and entire responsibility of their parents.

Covid-19 News:
We are awaiting confirmation of the recommendations from the public authorities. But in all cases as a precaution, we ask you not to swim with people who are not traveling with you.

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