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We are delighted to welcome you and we hope that your stay with us will be most pleasant.

The garden

The garden


Listen …… the song of birds…. The buzz of the bees…. The relaxing sound of the water in the swimming pool… The rustling of leaves in the breeze   …. Imagine   the scent of lavender, jasmine and honeysuckle….

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But yes, you are not dreaming - a haven of peace 10 minutes walk from the historic center, the Sainte-Cécile cathedral and the Toulouse Lautrec museum and yet quiet, in the green, a little corner of the countryside in the city center , with a pool !!

Certain trees are surely the age of the house; we kept the most beautiful like:

- the cypress, which sits behind the swimming pool and serves as a refuge for some specimens of local fauna,

- birch trees which are not really local but which provide a soft and welcome shade in summer,

- the liquidambar: which does not go unnoticed in autumn with its gold, purple and copper foliage,

- the pomegranate tree which amazes us in all seasons: at the beginning of spring with its brick-colored shoots, then with its explosion of orange flowers and its tender green foliage and finally it treats us with its many pomegranates, which are so many treasures dietetics.

Biodiversity on the Other Shore

They are with us a bit at home

Located in the city center but on the banks of the Tarn, L'Autre rives benefits from a privileged and preserved environment with the presence of some specimens of the local fauna that you will be able to see and or hear during your stay in our guest house. .

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